By Elah Village of FREEDOM Marketing Dec 25th 2011



The new Story Teller is an amazing tool for those using
Bible storytelling to reach oral learners.” Charles Cibene

Dear Readers

I am very pleased to tell you that Mega Voice are officially releasing the newest MegaVoice – the Story Teller. The Story Teller is the latest addition to their line of solar-powered audio players where ministries can load their own content in the field.

For those of you using Bible storying to reach oral learners , the
solar-powered Story Teller is good news because it is both powerful and cost effective. It has a single button with four positions, making it very simple for non-readers to use.

The new player holds up to ten hours of great sounding audio, and
best of all – you can load your own content using your PC. Create your own audio files using your PC, add your own story sets, or them about their Bible stories. The sky is the limit for hands-on creativity with this powerful little player.

Like other MegaVoice audio players, your content remains tamper proof. Tamper proof basically means the person you give the player to can’t delete your Bible content and replace it with something else.

The Story Teller arrives on the scene as hundreds of individuals and ministries are developing and distributing their story sets in various languages.

Story Teller has been tested for several months, and has received extremely positive feedback.

Each version of the solar-powered MegaVoice has its own unique attributes and special uses.

Contact Mega Voice, order a player and try it out? They would love to hear your thoughts on this powerful but affordable player.

Megavoice Tell them Elah sent ya.


Review by Elah Village of FREEDOM Marketing 25 Dec


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