How a Book Can Build Your Business

How a Book Can Build Your Business – What to do next….

February 16, 2012 | Author Krishna Everson


Elah Says… “ Here is a Blog from a Talented Lady friend of mine in Australia.

I know you will enjoy this, I did.”      “Blogging is sharing”

There are many reasons for writing. They can include to create a keepsake or legacy, to build your business, to fulfill a client need, or to share your passion or make a difference.

Today I had the opportunity to venture inside the brain of Editor, Alex Mitchell of Author Support Services, and serial Author, Kama J Frankling, to discover what we need to consider when writing our books and how to complete them and get them published.

Here is the replay if you missed it:

Having both the EDITOR and AUTHOR perspective was invaluable. Here’s a bit of a summary of  what we covered on the call:

  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Help you stand out in a crowded market place
  • Help potential prospects make an informed decision about working with you
  • Position you as a leader in your field which attracts clients
  • Attracts a higher quality of clientele


  • Put commonly asked question into a book, addressing them in detail
  • Blogging
  • Word files on our computer
  • Ideas collected over time
  • Questions and conversations had on social media
  • Workshop content we’ve done in the past


  • Why are you writing
  • Who are you writing for
  • What needs to be written now, and what can wait
  • How to decide what project comes first
  • What your marketplace wants to know


  • Your client list – who’s your market? How to narrow it down
  • What questions are your clients asking?
  • Use social media for insights
  • Send surveys to your database


  • Go through your info and classify it into bundles, topics or sections
  • If you’re creative – just write! Don’t worry about sections yet


  • Stay in tune with your why and your purpose for writing your book
  • Prioritise time for writing. Fit it into the structure of your day


  • Tips for formatting
  • Publishers and self publishing
  • Editors look at it from a reader perspective, such as consistency, having it in the right order, and structures that make sense, so that it is a quality product.

You can listen to the full replay here: 

Do you have a book idea, or one already published? Please share it with us here…..we’d love to hear about it!

Happy writing….


Elah Says “ I hope You Enjoyed that and got something good from it I sure did that’s why I posted it here.             You can read more on Krishna’s Blog here .”

Remember “Blogging is from Heart to Heart”

All the BEST To you and Thru You.




Empower Network Basic Package Review


Empower Network Basic Package Review

By Elah Village 01/07/12


 Empower Network Basic Package Review.

The Empower Network is the cullmination of years of trial and testing

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Are You AFRAID to Blog ?

Are You AFRAID to Blog ?


Think You Can’t BLOG ?

Does even the thought of YOU BLOGGING

send your mind racing, and your head in a spin ?

I am here to share a few things with YOU.

I was just like that when I heard the word BLOG.

It was quite a while ago but when I heard about

BLOGGING I totally rejected the idea,

But since being introduced to


all that has changed now !

Since the first day I joined I have been BLOGGING

almost everyday and loving it. My view on BLOGGING

has totally changed from ignorance to knowledge.

I wake up everyday with BLOGGING ideas racing

thru my head and I can’t wait to get My BLOG on.

Here are a few of my ideas on what BLOGGING is.

To Me BLOGGINGis much more than craftily stringing

words together in clever sentences.

My definitions of what it means to BLOG :

  1. Spin a tale (fantasy is cool)
  2. Tell a yarn
  3. Speak your mind (don’t keep things bottled up)
  4. Tell others what You know (and you know alot)
  5. Type a story
  6. Communicate an idea you have
  7. Open your heart (you have some great stuff in there)
  8. Have a thought n write it down then post it (that’s Blogging)
  9. Have you learned something ? Then explain it
  10. Get something off your chest
  11. Pass on your knowledge
  12. Share your gifts with the world, music,gardening, etc
  13. Empty your mind (it will fill again even more)
  14. Pass your thoughts around
  15. Broadcast your imagination
  16. Disseminate your dreams
  17. Sow the seeds that grow in your mind (the good ones please)
  18. Shine Your light from inside out
  19. Stand on Your roof (Blog page) and shout Your message out
  20. Illuminate the World

These are a few that come to me, I challenge you to come up with

some yourself . I know you can and will.

Someone once said,

A Penny for your thoughts”


Well I have been BLOGGING my thoughts and they have been earning

me more than a penny, as a matter of fact I get to earn 100% Commissions

instantly by being a member of THE EMPOWER NETWORK.


So the moral of the story is,


BLOGGING is Good for You,

BLOGGING can even be profitable.


Join with me and I’ll show You How.

BLOGGING from Heart to Heart.


BLOG your Heart Out

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All the very Best TOO You and THRU you Always,

Elah Village Empower network founding Member

and CEO of Freedom Marketing

Blogging For Fun !

Blogging for Fun!!!


Hi this is Elah Village and I’m just Blogging

for FUN n a possible Prize today.


My online friend Rae Jallits is having a small fun

competition so I’m entering.

The rules state I must “Incorporate the words

Peace bracelet and DIGGUM in a post”

Well there ya go I did it, but I won’t stop there I’ll

attempt to BLOG it out a lil more.

I believe it is always good to do MORE than we

are asked in life, greatness comes from

that sort of posture I’m sure. It’s like Going the Extra Mile.


Well I just had a look at the Prize which is a

Peace bracelet and I can say this the are very

Colourful, look so COOL and are very very Retro Groovy.

I’d be proud to wear one since I was an Original Hippy,

Goovy, Cool person way back in the 60’s. Can anyone relate ?

I’ll end up the envy of at least one of my three daughters

if not all of them. Ya never know maybe some people

at the Markets I sell at may want one too, is this a

NEW Business I see in it’s early stages forming here ?

I know this most of the people who have a look at these

Peace bracelets are going to DIG THEM, in

New Zealand that is pronounced DIGGUM I’m sure.


Well from one Digger to another I hope everyone is

having a Fantastic Fun day and hey don’t forget to

read my other BLOG called “BLOGING IS” Tell me ya thoughts.


By for Now ,

PEACE On Earth,

Elah / Blogman

CEO of Freedom Marketing


Blogging for Fun n Profit



Ps Have a look at the Peace Bracelets I know you will DIGGUM too.




Blogging Is…….Cool

Blogging Is…….Fun

Blogging Is…….Educational

Blogging Is…….Profitable

Blogging Is…….Sharing

Blogging Is…….Uplifting

Blogging Is…….Challenging

Blogging Is…….Expressive

Blogging Is…….Creative

Blogging Is…….Life Changing

Blogging Is…….An Outlet

Blogging Is…….Freedom

Blogging Is…….Emotional

Blogging Is…….Unstoppable

Blogging Is…….Enjoyable

Blogging Is…….Do-able

Blogging Is…….Easy

Blogging Is…….Communication

Blogging Is…….Healing

Blogging Is…….A Cure

Blogging Is…….A Blessing

Blogging Is…….Top Shelf

Blogging Is…….Over The Top

Blogging Is…….Off The Chain

Blogging Is…….Free

Blogging Is…….Inner Health

Blogging Is…….Healthy

Blogging Is…….User Friendly

Blogging Is…….Peacefull

Blogging Is…….Addictive

Blogging Is…….Typing

Blogging Is…….Good For You

Blogging Is…….Empowering

Blogging Is…….Universal

Blogging Is…….Illuminating

Blogging Is…….Everywhere

Blogging Is…….Classy

Blogging Is…….Classless

Blogging Is…….Past

Blogging Is…….Present

Blogging Is…….Future

Blogging Is…….Growing

Blogging Is…….Expanding

Blogging Is…….Reaching Out

Blogging Is…….Down to Earth

Blogging Is…….Out Of This World

Blogging Is…….Opportunity

Blogging Is…….Entrepreneurial

Blogging Is…….A Pastime

Blogging Is…….Green

Blogging Is…….Rainbowlike

Blogging Is…….Multifaceted

Blogging Is…….Fashionable

Blogging Is…….Flexible

Blogging Is…….Useful

Blogging Is…….As Blogging Does

Blogging Is…….A Way of Life

BLOGGING exposes who You are,

where You have been,

what You know, and

what You have seen !

BLOGGING brings out,

the You from within,

the timepiece is ticking,

it’s time to begin,


Elah Village 7/11/12

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All the very Best to You and thru you Always,

Elah Village Empower network founding Member

and CEO of Freedom marketing

U can Blog but Will You

2 Earn while You Learn and get 100% Commission by being a part of The Empower Network

Earn while You Learn and get 100% Commission by being a part of The Empower Network

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