By Elah Village of FREEDOM Marketing Dec 25th 2011



The new Story Teller is an amazing tool for those using
Bible storytelling to reach oral learners.” Charles Cibene

Dear Readers

I am very pleased to tell you that Mega Voice are officially releasing the newest MegaVoice – the Story Teller. The Story Teller is the latest addition to their line of solar-powered audio players where ministries can load their own content in the field.

For those of you using Bible storying to reach oral learners , the
solar-powered Story Teller is good news because it is both powerful and cost effective. It has a single button with four positions, making it very simple for non-readers to use.

The new player holds up to ten hours of great sounding audio, and
best of all – you can load your own content using your PC. Create your own audio files using your PC, add your own story sets, or them about their Bible stories. The sky is the limit for hands-on creativity with this powerful little player.

Like other MegaVoice audio players, your content remains tamper proof. Tamper proof basically means the person you give the player to can’t delete your Bible content and replace it with something else.

The Story Teller arrives on the scene as hundreds of individuals and ministries are developing and distributing their story sets in various languages.

Story Teller has been tested for several months, and has received extremely positive feedback.

Each version of the solar-powered MegaVoice has its own unique attributes and special uses.

Contact Mega Voice, order a player and try it out? They would love to hear your thoughts on this powerful but affordable player.

Megavoice Tell them Elah sent ya.


Review by Elah Village of FREEDOM Marketing 25 Dec



The Tool Exchange Review

The Tool Exchange Review

The Tool Exchange Review

The Tool Exchange is Australia’s Best Tool site and is even better now, with more tools, more variety and the best quality tools available today. They also ship worldwide. Stuart CEO of The Tool Exchange is totally committed to customer service and value for money. His attention to detail in fulfilling orders is impeccable. You can trust the name you know The Tool Exchange. Now 23 years in business and 35 countries being served. Why look elsewhere as The Tool Exchange has it all.

Stuart searches the world to have available for you the finest tools from the past and the present.

His collection of Stanley planes and tools is unbeatable. The tool exchange also has a large range of replacement parts to keep your tools in top condition.

Stuart has recently gotten together for a joint venture, Alan Carter Antiques and The Tool Exchange have come together for the final addition of Alan Carters Antique Guide. There will be over 250 tools listed in the guide. This will become a great value guide for antique tools. They are also getting together later this year in his online monthly listings on his web site. They are both very proud to offer collectors this opportunity.

The Tool Exchange are now listing more tools than any other online web site and continue to sell more tools than other web sites even list. The Tool Exchanges secret is selling tools collectors want and woodworkers use.

The next time you are in need of the best woodworking tools, or another tool to add to your collection take an online visit to The Tool Exchange. Don’t forget to mention Elah from Empower Network. Stuart will look after you.

Review by Elah Village of The Tool Exchange.














Are You AFRAID to Blog ?

Are You AFRAID to Blog ?


Think You Can’t BLOG ?

Does even the thought of YOU BLOGGING

send your mind racing, and your head in a spin ?

I am here to share a few things with YOU.

I was just like that when I heard the word BLOG.

It was quite a while ago but when I heard about

BLOGGING I totally rejected the idea,

But since being introduced to


all that has changed now !

Since the first day I joined I have been BLOGGING

almost everyday and loving it. My view on BLOGGING

has totally changed from ignorance to knowledge.

I wake up everyday with BLOGGING ideas racing

thru my head and I can’t wait to get My BLOG on.

Here are a few of my ideas on what BLOGGING is.

To Me BLOGGINGis much more than craftily stringing

words together in clever sentences.

My definitions of what it means to BLOG :

  1. Spin a tale (fantasy is cool)
  2. Tell a yarn
  3. Speak your mind (don’t keep things bottled up)
  4. Tell others what You know (and you know alot)
  5. Type a story
  6. Communicate an idea you have
  7. Open your heart (you have some great stuff in there)
  8. Have a thought n write it down then post it (that’s Blogging)
  9. Have you learned something ? Then explain it
  10. Get something off your chest
  11. Pass on your knowledge
  12. Share your gifts with the world, music,gardening, etc
  13. Empty your mind (it will fill again even more)
  14. Pass your thoughts around
  15. Broadcast your imagination
  16. Disseminate your dreams
  17. Sow the seeds that grow in your mind (the good ones please)
  18. Shine Your light from inside out
  19. Stand on Your roof (Blog page) and shout Your message out
  20. Illuminate the World

These are a few that come to me, I challenge you to come up with

some yourself . I know you can and will.

Someone once said,

A Penny for your thoughts”


Well I have been BLOGGING my thoughts and they have been earning

me more than a penny, as a matter of fact I get to earn 100% Commissions

instantly by being a member of THE EMPOWER NETWORK.


So the moral of the story is,


BLOGGING is Good for You,

BLOGGING can even be profitable.


Join with me and I’ll show You How.

BLOGGING from Heart to Heart.


BLOG your Heart Out

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All the very Best TOO You and THRU you Always,

Elah Village Empower network founding Member

and CEO of Freedom Marketing

Blogging For Fun !

Blogging for Fun!!!


Hi this is Elah Village and I’m just Blogging

for FUN n a possible Prize today.


My online friend Rae Jallits is having a small fun

competition so I’m entering.

The rules state I must “Incorporate the words

Peace bracelet and DIGGUM in a post”

Well there ya go I did it, but I won’t stop there I’ll

attempt to BLOG it out a lil more.

I believe it is always good to do MORE than we

are asked in life, greatness comes from

that sort of posture I’m sure. It’s like Going the Extra Mile.


Well I just had a look at the Prize which is a

Peace bracelet and I can say this the are very

Colourful, look so COOL and are very very Retro Groovy.

I’d be proud to wear one since I was an Original Hippy,

Goovy, Cool person way back in the 60’s. Can anyone relate ?

I’ll end up the envy of at least one of my three daughters

if not all of them. Ya never know maybe some people

at the Markets I sell at may want one too, is this a

NEW Business I see in it’s early stages forming here ?

I know this most of the people who have a look at these

Peace bracelets are going to DIG THEM, in

New Zealand that is pronounced DIGGUM I’m sure.


Well from one Digger to another I hope everyone is

having a Fantastic Fun day and hey don’t forget to

read my other BLOG called “BLOGING IS” Tell me ya thoughts.


By for Now ,

PEACE On Earth,

Elah / Blogman

CEO of Freedom Marketing


Blogging for Fun n Profit



Ps Have a look at the Peace Bracelets I know you will DIGGUM too.




Blogging Is…….Cool

Blogging Is…….Fun

Blogging Is…….Educational

Blogging Is…….Profitable

Blogging Is…….Sharing

Blogging Is…….Uplifting

Blogging Is…….Challenging

Blogging Is…….Expressive

Blogging Is…….Creative

Blogging Is…….Life Changing

Blogging Is…….An Outlet

Blogging Is…….Freedom

Blogging Is…….Emotional

Blogging Is…….Unstoppable

Blogging Is…….Enjoyable

Blogging Is…….Do-able

Blogging Is…….Easy

Blogging Is…….Communication

Blogging Is…….Healing

Blogging Is…….A Cure

Blogging Is…….A Blessing

Blogging Is…….Top Shelf

Blogging Is…….Over The Top

Blogging Is…….Off The Chain

Blogging Is…….Free

Blogging Is…….Inner Health

Blogging Is…….Healthy

Blogging Is…….User Friendly

Blogging Is…….Peacefull

Blogging Is…….Addictive

Blogging Is…….Typing

Blogging Is…….Good For You

Blogging Is…….Empowering

Blogging Is…….Universal

Blogging Is…….Illuminating

Blogging Is…….Everywhere

Blogging Is…….Classy

Blogging Is…….Classless

Blogging Is…….Past

Blogging Is…….Present

Blogging Is…….Future

Blogging Is…….Growing

Blogging Is…….Expanding

Blogging Is…….Reaching Out

Blogging Is…….Down to Earth

Blogging Is…….Out Of This World

Blogging Is…….Opportunity

Blogging Is…….Entrepreneurial

Blogging Is…….A Pastime

Blogging Is…….Green

Blogging Is…….Rainbowlike

Blogging Is…….Multifaceted

Blogging Is…….Fashionable

Blogging Is…….Flexible

Blogging Is…….Useful

Blogging Is…….As Blogging Does

Blogging Is…….A Way of Life

BLOGGING exposes who You are,

where You have been,

what You know, and

what You have seen !

BLOGGING brings out,

the You from within,

the timepiece is ticking,

it’s time to begin,


Elah Village 7/11/12

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II can help You get into BLOGGING, Start Now.

All the very Best to You and thru you Always,

Elah Village Empower network founding Member

and CEO of Freedom marketing

U can Blog but Will You

2 Earn while You Learn and get 100% Commission by being a part of The Empower Network

Earn while You Learn and get 100% Commission by being a part of The Empower Network

I am Earning while I’m Learning.

I didn’t need to understand  how to buy a Domain, setup a Website, or even configure a Blogsite,
before I started getting 100% Commission checks deposited directly into My bank account.

Yes You read that correctly I am earning 100% of the commissions for spreading
the Good News of  The Empower Network.

It works like this. Potential customers read your Blog , Advertisement, Facebook post, Tweet, whatever, all easy stuff you can do daily without to much effort on your part. When they respond they are led to one of the best converting sales pages and videos online, composed by two of the most successful  marketers and copywriters, David Wood and David Sharpe.
You just take that small Action step and The Empower Network does  the rest.
They make the sale, You get the 100% Commission. Wow now that is a Game Changer.
First time, every-time, day or nite.
100% Commission is deposited into Your account, YES Your account they touch not a single penny.

I took a step of Faith, I just Believed what I was told, and put that into Action.
I followed step by step the easy to to execute instructions in the Fast Start Training Video
which I had access to immediately after I joined for the small sum of only $25.

If you can Read, Follow simple instruction, and be Consistent, there is nothing that will be able to stop you from Succeeding. That means Earning 100% Commissions and Learning daily, adding to your Personal Bank Account and to your Personal Development.

Wow Wow Wow. I’m getting so excited,I feel like joining again.

The co-founders of the Empower Network David Wood, and Davis Sharpe are so passionate about US making money that they are letting US have 100% of the commissions.
Payment goes directly from the customer into Your Bank Account
according to the compensation plan.

Within the Empower Network We are all  equal and have the same earning potential as everyone else. People everywhere are earning unprecedented 100% Commissions paid directly into their bank account. In my opinion it does not get better than that . Don’t You agree ? People everywhere, from all walks of life, with different learning skills and abilities, all making 100% Commissions.

Caution you may loose some sleep due to what I call Expectant Excitement Anticipation, but don’t worry it soon goes away after the first few 100% commission payouts are deposited into your bank account.

Start small, start doing what You can do.

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Elah Village, Freedom Marketing, Founding Member of the Empower Network,

All the Best to You.