The ABC’S of Starting a Home Business


How To

Start Your Own Home Business

I know its a struggle trying to Start a Home Business.

I have been there and I remember how it felt.

I’m sure You have seen other people that have Hit the Jackpot online. You have heard all the statistics, and seen others drive the fancy cars and travel the world . You realize there are millions of people online and many more coming online everyday. You have heard that there are Billions of Online Dollars.

Finally here you are, you feel deep inside now it’s My turn . I am going to do this.

BUT BUT BUT always there is a BUT….

I can hear you say, How do I Start My Own Online Business ?

Where do I start ? What do I do ? Do I sell ? What will I sell ?

Do I teach Teach ? Teach what ?

What do I need to know ? How Can I Succeed online ?

Don’t fear Help is here.


Well if your are feeling the pinch of the Worldwide Economic Downturn !

Would some extra dollars at the end of the week come in handy ?

Ever thought about being your own Boss ?

Has having an Online Business ever crossed your mind ?

Then this letter could be just what your Financial Doctor is prescribing .

Here is the Good news,

I have done the years,

of Blood Sweat and Tears


This ABC Formula of How To Start a Home Business, is as simple and copyable as I can make it. Just Follow My Lead, Come on Let’s DO THIS Together.

Start by Doing Step (A) then Step (B) your 1st Week .

Watch your email for Step (C) at Week 2.

Trust Me I’m a Doctor ” “ I’ve be practicing a long time ”. Ha Ha .

Please read this ALL , then DO: Step (A) and Step (B) during Week 1.

Step A) Start here, follow this link .

    1. This will bring you to a Green Page, enter your details, thanks !

    1. This will bring you to FREEDOM Marketing my web page !

Have a read if you like, it explains what I do ! My mission etc.

    1. Be sure to check your email, my automated system will send you

a Welcome email shortly ! Don’t you just love Automation ?

WELL DONE, You are a Champion, You will Succeed.

Step (A) , Easy Yes very Easy ! And, it doesn’t get any harder.

Step (B) Is DOING what I am doing right now with you.

I am clearly sharing with you the ABC’S of an Online Home Biz.


Step B) Find at least one person daily for the next 7 days(people who

would be faithful to spend a little time each day ( following YOUR

example ) someone who would benefit from being shown the easy

ABC’S of How do I Start My Own Online Business ?

Ask them to come on board and Follow the Simple, No special

skills required, Step By StepABC’S of How do I Start My Own

Online Business ?. That’s the Plan the Business Plan ! One

way would be for you to copy this letter and send it to them with

a side note from you Challenging them to have a go. They

have nothing to loose and so much to gain.


Guaranteed Results of Week 1

If You follow 2 Steps (A) & (B)

After 7 days of DOING Step (A) once, and and then completing

Step (B) in 7 days you WILL HAVE a minimum of 7 people directly

involved and countless others indirectly involved in your newly formed,

Online Home Business !!! It’s a SECRET how I’ll explain that later)

At this time all of us will have STARTED an Incredible, Money Making,

Business Building, Adventure Together.

Don’t miss out, DO IT NOW !!!

It really is as Easy as


I believe it is the RIGHT of Every, Slave, Debtor, Bond Person

and Battler, TO BE FREE !” I Challenge You, better still I Dare You to

come Join with otherFREEDOM Fighters and Smash The Chains.

My Promise to you is this:

ANYONE who can follow Step by small Step easy, clear instruction,

will in a few weeks have their Own online Business started,

and will be generating an Income. The sky is the limit !

In order to Run any Business you need to start somewhere with a plan,

The ABC’S of Starting Your Own Home Business it that Plan.

I Promise to help you every step of the way.

All the BEST to You in whatever You choose to do, May it be a Success .

Elah Village of FREEDOM Marketing, “Freedom is a Good Thing” 07-5492-6391


It is my desire that We, Be, More Free, Tomorrow, than We are today !

Remember “I’ll Believe in YOUeven if You don’t, and until You Do

Your New Business starts right here.

Don’t Give Up the Fight for Your Personal Financial FREEDOM !!!

Elah 🙂 Feb 6th 2012


What the heck is STIFORP ?

What the heck is… STIFORP… ?

What the heck is… STIFORP

STIFORP is the word Profits backwards.


I like to think of it as money coming back to me. Finally back to me not always going away to elsewhere where money usually ends up. You know someone else gets it, ha ha not really funny.

As you may have discovered by now in order to have a successful business online we all need TOOLS. Stiforp has all the tools we need, all in one convenient place, at a price anyone can afford, like 33 cents a day. I honestly believe You can afford that. Is you new or existing Business worth a 33 cents a day investment ?                                                                                         You should have answered YES and now be asking what do I get for 33 cents a day?

 Stiforp is the BEST supplier of integrated home business TOOLS the I have found.

 Here are a few Tools that I have found to be extremely beneficial and some even Essential to allow me to actually run a successful online business with as much productivity as possible and automation which takes a lot of the BORING things that must be done and literally does them for me. Whoo hoo thank God for Geeks and Programers and all the cool stuff they do to Automate online tasks.

Stiforp has ALL these TOOLS and MORE.

      1. Landing Pages … A New Prospects first place to meet you.

      2. Lead Capture Pages … Where a New Prospect gives you their contact details.

      3. Autoresponders … This is where your Prospects contact info ends up. From here you can dripfeed any info they need to have about you, your biz etc. ( If you look online you wont find a reputable Autoresponder under 17.95 per mth)

      4. Banner Adds … These help you advertize any Biz you like.

      5. Webinar Room … You can host your own Webinar and stand out as the Leader you are. Can be used for teaching, training, support, prospecting, It’s up to You.

      6. Confernence Call Bridges … Used to communicate with your team, welcome new people, helps build community spirit.

      7. Traffic Rotator … Allows you to run different Coop campaigns.

      8. Video Spokesperson … Imagine the power of having a REAL PERSON appear on YOUR WEBSITE to encourage your prospects to take the next step in looking at your business. Now that is totally Off the Hook Awsome.

      9. Interactive Flash Movie Presentations …Explode your sales by adding a giant boost of excitement to your business! A video presentation grabs your prospects attention, and allows them to absorb the information much more efficiently than just reading.


Tools Tools Tools We all NEED tools, Would you dig hole with a teaspoon? No way gimme a shovel, or a backhoe even.” Elah.

ARE WE DONE YET ? NO there is more, come to my website and find out what else you’ll get for only 33 cents a day, it’s almost unbelievable.

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You can also use The Stiforp System as a New Business, besides just using all these Powerful Cool Tools, all for the same silly price of just 33 cents a day. It’s up to you.

The STIFORP system is a simple, yet POWERFUL, state-of-the-art system used profitably by thousands of regular people just like YOU to FINALLY achieve success from home.

It was designed to make even a computer novice feel like a pro. Simply point and click and you can be MAKING MONEY.
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These TOOLS are what EVERYONE in the home based business industry MUST HAVE. You can have them at this Fantastic price, and offer them to the rest of the Online Community.

 What the heck is… STIFORP ? An Awesome company from back to front !

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Thank You for taking the time to read my Blog.

I look forward to working with you and helping YOU become our next great success story.

                                                         All the BEST to You,



                                                 FREEDOM Marketing

                                                 Freedom is a GOOD thing.