How a Book Can Build Your Business

How a Book Can Build Your Business – What to do next….

February 16, 2012 | Author Krishna Everson


Elah Says… “ Here is a Blog from a Talented Lady friend of mine in Australia.

I know you will enjoy this, I did.”      “Blogging is sharing”

There are many reasons for writing. They can include to create a keepsake or legacy, to build your business, to fulfill a client need, or to share your passion or make a difference.

Today I had the opportunity to venture inside the brain of Editor, Alex Mitchell of Author Support Services, and serial Author, Kama J Frankling, to discover what we need to consider when writing our books and how to complete them and get them published.

Here is the replay if you missed it:

Having both the EDITOR and AUTHOR perspective was invaluable. Here’s a bit of a summary of  what we covered on the call:

  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Help you stand out in a crowded market place
  • Help potential prospects make an informed decision about working with you
  • Position you as a leader in your field which attracts clients
  • Attracts a higher quality of clientele


  • Put commonly asked question into a book, addressing them in detail
  • Blogging
  • Word files on our computer
  • Ideas collected over time
  • Questions and conversations had on social media
  • Workshop content we’ve done in the past


  • Why are you writing
  • Who are you writing for
  • What needs to be written now, and what can wait
  • How to decide what project comes first
  • What your marketplace wants to know


  • Your client list – who’s your market? How to narrow it down
  • What questions are your clients asking?
  • Use social media for insights
  • Send surveys to your database


  • Go through your info and classify it into bundles, topics or sections
  • If you’re creative – just write! Don’t worry about sections yet


  • Stay in tune with your why and your purpose for writing your book
  • Prioritise time for writing. Fit it into the structure of your day


  • Tips for formatting
  • Publishers and self publishing
  • Editors look at it from a reader perspective, such as consistency, having it in the right order, and structures that make sense, so that it is a quality product.

You can listen to the full replay here: 

Do you have a book idea, or one already published? Please share it with us here…..we’d love to hear about it!

Happy writing….


Elah Says “ I hope You Enjoyed that and got something good from it I sure did that’s why I posted it here.             You can read more on Krishna’s Blog here .”

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The ABC’S of Starting a Home Business


How To

Start Your Own Home Business

I know its a struggle trying to Start a Home Business.

I have been there and I remember how it felt.

I’m sure You have seen other people that have Hit the Jackpot online. You have heard all the statistics, and seen others drive the fancy cars and travel the world . You realize there are millions of people online and many more coming online everyday. You have heard that there are Billions of Online Dollars.

Finally here you are, you feel deep inside now it’s My turn . I am going to do this.

BUT BUT BUT always there is a BUT….

I can hear you say, How do I Start My Own Online Business ?

Where do I start ? What do I do ? Do I sell ? What will I sell ?

Do I teach Teach ? Teach what ?

What do I need to know ? How Can I Succeed online ?

Don’t fear Help is here.


Well if your are feeling the pinch of the Worldwide Economic Downturn !

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Ever thought about being your own Boss ?

Has having an Online Business ever crossed your mind ?

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Here is the Good news,

I have done the years,

of Blood Sweat and Tears


This ABC Formula of How To Start a Home Business, is as simple and copyable as I can make it. Just Follow My Lead, Come on Let’s DO THIS Together.

Start by Doing Step (A) then Step (B) your 1st Week .

Watch your email for Step (C) at Week 2.

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I am clearly sharing with you the ABC’S of an Online Home Biz.


Step B) Find at least one person daily for the next 7 days(people who

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ABC’S of How do I Start My Own Online Business ?

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Elah 🙂 Feb 6th 2012

Empower Network Basic Package Review


Empower Network Basic Package Review

By Elah Village 01/07/12


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